2016 Utah State Fair
​Red Crown Alyeska
Grand Champion FB Doe Day 1 & 2

2015 Wyoming SF

BSA Off the Charts

Reserve Grand Yrlg FB Doe

Reserve Overall FB Doe Day 1,2

Buck and Dr. Lou Nuti talking about old times at the 2014 ABGA National Show in Nebraska

2016 Utah State Fair
​Red Crown Chrome Knickers

July 2016

Happy young lady!

Red Crown Express Bet  

Grand Champion Buck 

2015 Utah State Fair

2016 Utah State Fair
​Red Crown Alyeska

JC Boer Goats Olivia
SGG Bold Lines

Congratulations Eichler Family!

JC Boer Goats Olivia
​2016 WY State Fair
Reserve Grand Jr. FB Doe Day 2
​Premier Exhibitor Day 2 

2016 Utah State Fair
​JNB E24
​Grand Champion % Doe Day 1 & 2


Red Crown LLC

P.O. Box 1171

Aztec, NM 87410
505-334-0129 Home
​505-320-1677 Nat Cell
505-486-4455 Buck Cell

SGG Bold Lines
​2016 WY State Fair
Reserve Grand Jr. FB Doe Day 1
​Grand Champion Jr. FB Doe Day 2
​Premier Exhibitor Day 2 

Colorado State Fair Market Wether!
Congratulations Faythe Eichler, second place in the
middle weight class and made the sale!  Good Job!

Red Crown Chrome Knickers

2013 marks the 20 Year Anniversary of the Boer Goat arrival into the US!

Red Crown Gamble With A Gun
​Congratulations Shaylee Owen!

Grand Champion Jr Buck 
​Grand Champion Overall Buck

2016 Arizona State Fair

Idabell and Belle, my helpers!

Wyoming State Fair 2016
​Day 2


     2015 Wyoming SF
Herc, Grand Yearling Buck

         Grand Overall Buck

​         Day 1 and Day 2

Eagle County Colorado
​2016 Grand Champion Wether

Red Crown Chrome Knickers
​2016 WY State Fair
​Reserve Grand Yrlg. FB Doe Day 2
​Reserve Overall FB Doe Day 2
​Premier Exhibitor Day 2 

Ochiltree, TX County Fair Market Wether!
Congratulations Butler Family, Reserve market wether! 
​ First year showing for the girls. 

2016 Utah State Fair
​Red Crown Brass Belle
​Reserve Jr Fullblood Doe Kid, Day 2

​​2016 Grand Champion Market Wether

​Sara Gurule

​ABGA #15

Red Crown Express Bet

Grand Champion Buck
2015 Eastern Idaho State Fair

Welcome to Red Crown LLC!
Buck and Natalie Pruitt
Aztec, NM

We are located in the four corners of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah!

​Our family received 4 of the first 21 Boer goats to arrive in the United States in May of 1993 after a trip to New Zealand.  We have seen many changes along the journey and continue to enjoy the great Boer Goat breed.  We proudly maintain a small CL and CAE free herd and are enrolled in the volunteer federal scrapie program.  We have other animals to offer that are not on our web site.

Give us a call or e-mail! 
505-334-0129 HM or 505-320-1677 Nat Cellor 505-486-4455 Buck Cell