​ Semen for sale, can ship direct.
​$100/straw or 5/$450

Pit Boss
(Double Motzart X Helms)

Sold to Reis Family in California and Biggs Family in Oregon!  
​We do have semen available.

                                          Grand Sire:  RRD Brass Shot S916 *Ennobled* by Ryals Topbrass *Ennobled*
                         Sire: RRD Ruger T307*Ennobled*                     
                                          Grand Dam: RRD R879 by RRD Gauge *Ennobled*

                                           Grand Sire: Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo *Ennobled*

                           Dam: 2Dox Bingo Star *Ennobled*

                                           Grand Dam:  CBM Treasure by Ram H Tobias *Ennobled*




Red Crown LLC

​ABGA #15

                                Grand Sire:  RRD Ruger *Ennobled*
               Sire:  CSB Ruger Reloaded *Ennobled*            
                                Grand Dam: Eggs T351 *Ennobled*

Red Crown Express Bet (10674461) DNA'd  *Ennobled*
                               Grand Sire: AABG Kickin Brass*Ennobled*

                Dam: AABG 2DOX BDV Sashay *Ennobled*

                               Grand Dam:  2Dox Perfect Pose

Red Crown Express Bet
Red Crown Express Bet
Red Crown Express Bet

​ Semen for sale, can ship direct.
​$100/straw or 5/$450

2DOX Stellar Reward*Ennobled*
ABGA # 10467651
362 ABGA Points
Full Brother to 2DOX Luger
*Ennobled* and flushmate to 2DOX Cuger*Ennobled*

                                Grand Sire:  Red Crown Express Bet *Ennobled*
                Sire:   Red Crown Sage Rider           
                                Grand Dam: SGG D131 *Ennobled*

Red Crown 747 Jet DNA'd  
                               Grand Sire: Pit Boss *Wether Sire*

                Dam: Red Crown Black to Go

                               Grand Dam:  SJGA Face's Blackout Fashion Queen

Mostly wether type genetics, but is a registered 62.50% ABGA buck! Jet is naturally hard and tight hided.  He produces both market club kids and ABGA % does, depending on the cross.

Wether Buck at its BEST!

A late 2014 solid young buck kid we raised.  These Reload kids all have a very quiet, kind disposition and have really grown out well! Two teated, also!!  Our triple Ripper "Sashay" doe has really produced for us over the years and is now Ennobled!

Red Crown LLC
P.O. Box 1171

Aztec, NM 87410
505-334-0129 H
505-320-1677 Nat Cell
​505-486-4455 Buck Cell

Red Crown Gobbles by Belle

369 ABGA Points

Pit Boss The Best!
                                          Grand Sire:  TST1 Trump *Ennobled* by TST1 Windy Acres Strategic Power*Ennobled*
                         Sire: TST1 Trumps Parlay  *Ennobled*                     
                                          Grand Dam: TST1 Saphires Starlett *Ennobled* By 2Dox Luger NGC 2009

                                           Grand Sire:  Capriole's Valor *Ennobled*

                           Dam: Capriole's Looneybug *Ennobled*

                                           Grand Dam: Caprioles Looney Tunes *Ennobled*

Red Crown 747 Jet

Thanks for offering this awesome buck for sale, Dana Hayden-Childers!  I've loved him ever since I saw him as a kid!