Pit Boss


                RRD Ruger T307 *Ennobled* 10269132                                 CSB Ruger Reloaded *Ennobled* 10405280

                EGGS T351 *Ennobled* 10290476

Dam: Red Crown Chrome Knickers 10674462

                AABG Kickin' Brass (OT) *Ennobled* 10406942

          AABG 2Dox BVD Sashay *Ennobled* 10517571

                AABG Take Me Downtown 10571241   


                Helms 103

Sire: Pit Boss Unregistered Wether Sire

                Double Mozart


                TLB A66 10549835                                                                          RCD Lazy S-T C514 (OT)

                TLB Z210 10551953

Dam: 4L Brown Sugar 10672970

                4RBG Cayenne's Big Shot 10588811

          4RBG Merida C104 10613381

                4RBG Alice in Wonderland G-10599847  

TST1 Windy Acres Punk Star 


Our last lot for the day offers this red headed almost yearling doe!  She demonstrates the tight hided hard finish trait that our proven wether sire "Pit Boss" repeatedly passes to his offspring.  Two full brother wethers have both won their Texas County show in 2018 and 2019, and one went on to a place 5th at the San Angelo, TX wether show!  This cross has proven itself twice.  She's loaded with Mack Truck characteristics on top of great feet and legs which flows to obvious feminity!  Once again, this doe can be bred the wether route or the traditional ABGA direction as she is a 50% registered doe with a solid red mother!  Teats: 2X2; Pigment: 100%


Confirmed Pregnant!!

​2018 Wether brother

This December doe kid is a true line bred baby!  Her dam and grandsire are sister and brother.  That being said, she really offers a unique pedigree. The AABG "Sashay" doe is a triple "Ripper" bred doe, and you combine that with Ruger Reloaded top and bottom, and here we are!!  Long hip, level top, great feet and legs, long feminine neck with the perfect head and ears attached.  9 Ennobled ancestors in her star crossed pedigree.  Show kid for sure!  We are keeping her sister as an addition to our herd.  Teats: 1 X 1    Pigment: 90%

                TLB Mugsy's Rip 713 *Ennobled* 10409772                            JRP1Punkie Point Blank *Ennobled* 10495404

                BAP1 BAP Punkie 10454404

Sire: Broken S Blank's Punk 10588554

               CSB Broken S Smokin' Hot Ruger *Ennobled*10469838

         Broken S Smokin Little Brook *Ennobled* 10537402

                JTTB Bo Brooke 10417545     

Red Crown LLC


Picture as a kid!

                   DCW Bo-Jangle *Ennobled* 10306381  NGC-06                   TST1 Windy Acres Bo Cephus *Ennobled* 10435903

                   TST1 V12 *Ennobled* 10313534

Dam: B-MACK BMF 559 10680653

                   AABG 2Dox Deadliest Catch 10562778

          AABG That's Me in the Spotlight 10652879

                   AABG Take Me Downtown 10571241   

Best of the West

 2nd Annual Goat Sale
Anderson, CA

April 7, 2019  2:00 PM

​LOT 98

​LOT 55
​Doe Kid

                     CSB Ruger Reloaded *Ennobled* 10405280                                       Red Crown Express Bet *Ennobled* 10674461

                     AABG 2Dox BVD Sashay *Ennobled* 10517571

Sire: Red Crown JC Boer Goats Power Alert (SQ) 10767403

                     AABG More Power (OT) *Ennobled*

                 JC Boer Goats Alexandria 10707113

                     JC Boer Goats Prodigys Duffy 10599664   

​2019 Wether brother

                DCW Bo-Jangle *Ennobled* 10306381  NGC-06                       TST1 Windy Acres Bo Cephus *Ennobled* 10435903

                TST1 V12 *Ennobled* 10313534

Dam: TST1 Windy Acres Entrancing Belle 10538270

                PDF T513 *Ennobled* 10275779

         Outback Boers Racers Dame *Ennobled* 10363371

                DER War Girl 10226002    

Red Crown Empower Mint

Fancy doe kid!


​LOT 73
​100% bred doe

Red Crown Pro-Am (10796480)

Where to start ...!  This powerhouse of a percentage doe comes with 13 show points of her own.  She is a full sister to Red Crown Red Secret who was 2nd in the 3-6 month percentage class at last years National Show in Nebraska!  These Pit Boss offspring regularly appear in championship drives in Texas, Oklahoma, Utah and Colorado.  We breed her mother the exact same way every year.  We currently have another doe kid sister born this year!  Show correct and ready to perform.

Red Crown 606 (10796478)

Buck kid

Pit Boss


Red Crown Red Secret

​LOT 17
​Doe Kid

​LOT 31
Yrlg Doe


                Helms 103

Sire: Pit Boss Unregistered Wether Sire

                Double Mozart Doe

Red Crown Chic Lit (10768124)
​​13 show points

Pit Boss


We start our lots off with this fancy 50% doe kid out of our well proven wether sire, Pit Boss, and a Tempus Familys spotted paint doe.  Pit Boss is a Helms 103 over a double Mozart doe.  His wethers have Texas county wins, a Reserve at Austin, TX and a wether that made sale in San Angelo, TX.  He is a tight hided solid muscle freak of nature!  This doe kid could carry on with the wether genetics or go the traditional ABGA route.  Either way works!  She does have a spotted paint mother, she could produce colored kids!  Teats: 1X1 Pigment: dark

Service Sire
​Red Crown JC Boer Goats Power Alert
34 ABGA Points


Bred doe due to kid May 9th!​  She is carrying kids sired by Red Crown JC Boer Goats Power Alert.  He currently has 34 ABGA points of his own, at a young age.  This guy is a "Ruger Reloaded" grandson on the top and an "AABG More Power" grandson on the bottom that possesses lots of length and style.  We truly believe this will be a great cross for a ready made herd!  This doe is in her prime at almost 5 years of age with a great udder, disposition and ABGA boer traits. She has proven to be a good mother which can produce show worthy offspring!  Study her powerhouse pedigree to find 9 current Ennoblements.  Teats: 2X2 Pigment: 100%

Red Crown LLC

P.O. Box 1171

Aztec, NM  87410

505-334-0129 H

505-320-1677 Cell

​505-486-4455 Buck Cell


​ABGA #15

​Grand Champion
​Arizona State Fair


               Helms 103

Sire: Pit Boss Unregistered Wether Sire

                Double Mozart

                   DL Silverado 10568096                                                                    DL Shadow Rider 10639831

                   DL Brianna 10576869

Dam: Tempus Family's Paisley 10680761

                   DRBG Commotion's Scorch 10527415

             DRBG Pumpkin Spice 10590938

                   MEG Greene Meadow Hot N' Spicy 10522835